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The Visionable is where Millennials get informed, inspired, and influenced. We are building an engaged community of citizens, leaders, and changemakers.

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A global collaborative impact by Millennials connecting and contributing their expertise, insight, and thought leadership to a community of peers, sharing knowledge to determine outcomes, and shape action plans locally and abroad.


Talent and Workforce Initiative

Millennials view business positively and believe it’s behaving in an increasingly responsible manner but still see potential to alleviate society’s biggest challenges.

Employers want to attract and retain Millennial talent, who want to be a force for good inside these proactive businesses.

Together, the Talent and Workforce Initiative helps both Millennials and employers pave a collaborative and productive path ahead.


Millennials in Politics

MIP is a dedicated community within the Visionaries, who understand that fundamental societal change occurs through legislation and governance.

Members receive information and tools to become political candidates, campaign team members, to create new political parties and organizations, and become community influencers and changemakers.

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Why The Visionable is Needed


Today, journalism works according to the political agenda of a significant number of journalists who act more as political activists than as neutral reporters. As the largest global generation in history, the Millennials voice and worldview are missing from mainstream news media, to politics, to business, and beyond.

There is a need for trustworthy and intelligent news from around the globe that tells us what is happening, not what to think. We publish original, compelling, and balanced content on global headlines and stories. Our staff and contributors are leaders in their professional field due to their expertise and insight and offer native analyses of local and regional issues and situations. Rooted in open-minded consideration of all sides of an issue or argument, The Visionable cultivates genuine freedom of expression through a diversity of intelligent and informed opinion, to be respectfully contemplated and debated in the pursuit of positive progress.

The Millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, are now 18 to 38 years of age. Millennials will be worth $24 trillion USD of global wealth and comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2020. We are currently 24% of global voters. The overwhelming stereotypes of Millennials are negative, and don’t resonate with those of us who are intent on contributing to a positive future in our communities, countries, and world.

The Visionable is THE global brand representing the Millennial voice and worldview.

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