the vision

The Visionable aims to harness the potential of Millennials as the next generation of leaders to create an actionable vision for the future. Strengthened by cross-generational mentorship, Millennials will utilize the information, human networks, and a targeted set of tools offered by The Visionable to restore our democracies, cultures, and civilizations.


The Visionable’s mission is to accomplish the return of democracy in our nations through a clear and actionable long-term vision. Now, more than ever, the West needs the values and principles of an international order of politically independent nation states founded upon the rule of law, free markets, and democratic sovereignty in societies comprised of a shared culture.

Our strategy is to inform Millennials with fact-based news and information that inspires them to create change within an influential grassroots network of citizens, voters, activists, thought leaders, and future representatives in government, innovation, and enterprise.

The three strategic pillars of factual ideas and information, an influential grassroots network, and pro-democracy tools will enable Millennials to lead the renewal of Western civilization where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society are valued, preserved, and flourish for generations to come.