the vision

The Visionable aims to harness the potential of Millennials as the next generation of leaders to create an actionable vision for the future. Strengthened by cross-generational mentorship, Millennials will utilize the information, human networks, and a targeted set of tools offered by The Visionable to restore our democracies, cultures, and civilizations.


The Visionable’s mission is to accomplish the return of democracy in our nations through a clear and actionable long-term vision. Now, more than ever, the West needs the values and principles of an international order of politically independent nation states founded upon the rule of law, free markets, and democratic sovereignty in societies comprised of a shared culture.

Our strategy is to inform Millennials with fact-based news and information that inspires them to create change within an influential grassroots network of citizens, voters, activists, thought leaders, and future representatives in government, innovation, and enterprise.

The three strategic pillars of factual ideas and information, an influential grassroots network, and pro-democracy tools will enable Millennials to lead the renewal of Western civilization where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society are valued, preserved, and flourish for generations to come.


The Visionable upholds the ideals of western nations and civilizations founded upon an international order of politically independent nation states. We believe the evidence suggests this natural organization of human beings provides the greatest opportunity for the best quality of life for all.

Shared Culture Citizenry

  • Societal Foundations upon Family and Heritage

  • Individual Initiative and Responsibility

  • Health and Scholastic Excellence

  • Compassionate Support for the Vulnerable

  • Conservation of Environment and Resources

Democratic Sovereignty and the Rule of Law

  • Direct Democracy of Representatives and Legislation

  • Responsible and Limited Governance

  • Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Free Market Economy

  • Creation of Wealth and Enterprise

  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage

  • Limited Regulation and Bureaucratic Interference

The Visionable also believes that the most effective solutions to the challenges facing the West are consistent with these core values.


Our subscribers and patrons create an online community where these Visionaries receive quality, fact-based news and analysis, the latest contextual articles on societal trends and issues, and opportunities to network and become active offline.

Visionaries value individual character that is rooted in honesty, integrity, and idealism expressed with civility and respect as we give our time and energy for a higher cause. Millennials are waking up to realize that many elements of modern culture are hypocritical and leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others.

We reject the ego-driven agendas of traditional politics, the mainstream news media, and crony capitalism.

We seek meaning and a spiritual understanding of our lives whether through the acknowledgment of the existence of an omniscient metaphysical reality, search for or follow a genuine spiritual path, or a strong sense of cultural community.

We eliminate or minimize the influence of consumerism, senseless and unrestricted hedonism, and social engineering that unnecessarily divides people rather than recognizes the inherent worth of human beings as integral in communities.

By acknowledging these, among other unique traits of the western Millennial worldview, Visionaries can clearly identify and preserve that which positively conceives the continuity of western civilization, and tackle the challenges we face, for better lives and futures.

millennials in politics

We are the patriotic activists who will restore our democracies. The future is ours to envision and create through informed, inspired, and influential action. More of us see eye-to-eye than the mainstream news media and politicians lead us to believe.

Millennials in Politics (MIP) is a dedicated community within the Visionable network who understands that fundamental societal change often occurs through legislation and governance.

MIPs lead in their circles of influence, know the issues, grow their activist skills and networks, and go out and lead in their communities.

MIPs come from a variety of backgrounds across the western continents and share the common goal of holding government accountable by restoring our democracies.

MIPs work individually and as a network to build our knowledge, growing our influence, and preparing ourselves to take meaningful action.

MIP members receive the resources required to build a strong network of activists who may become political candidates, campaign team members, create new political parties and organizations, and become community influencers and changemakers.

We work to hold current politicians, the media, and special interest influencers to account.