Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Announces the Peterson Fellowship at the Acton School of Business

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a public intellectual, clinical psychologist, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto has announced the establishment of a partnership with the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas under the stewardship of Acton Co-Founder and Master Teacher Jeff Sandefer for its MBA program in entrepreneurship.

The Acton curriculum provides an institutional analog to the psychological content I have been sharing in my online videos, podcasts, and books. The MBA’s emphasis on individual responsibility and adventure parallels my work’s focus on maturity, simultaneous service to the individual, family and broader community, and the relationship between meaning, discipline, and vision,” said Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson is currently on tour for his bestselling book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, which has sold over two million copies since its release less than a year ago. His sold-out discussions and speeches to diverse crowds resonate with a significant number of Millennials, in particular, who are searching for meaning in their lives. Dr. Peterson’s goal is to strengthen the individual because life contains tragedy and evil, and our personal journeys justify the burden of Being by pursuing truth, making order out of chaos. The alternative, he says, is to deceive yourself with ideology and nihilism, which had led to many destructive authoritarian movements around the world, so better to take yourself seriously, know the monster within you, and become a responsible person with an integrated character; begin by cleaning up your bedroom.

The Acton curriculum is grounded in the Socratic method, and its teachers spur learning by asking questions, not by answering them. Acton’s enrollees are rarely interested in working for a large corporation or similar institution. Instead, the school selects those interested in founding their own personal ventures, and encourages them to engage in the difficult production, marketing, sales, and customer service work associated with start-up entrepreneurial activity. The goal is to identify fifty Peterson Fellows, who will work to prototype innovative educational programs, as well as work alongside successful entrepreneurs in real-world, hands-on challenges. Candidates are brilliant, competitive, cooperative individuals pursuing innovative ideas of significant social importance, and will be selected through an online application process that assesses intellectual ability, academic background, personality, and strategic philosophy.