VP Pence visits Canada to support new NAFTA agreement

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced Bill C-100, the “Canada United States Mexico Agreement Implementation Act” (USMCA), in Parliament this week to implement the renegotiated NAFTA deal that was reached eight months ago. The legislative amendments apply the new trade rules and leaves flexibility for the government to ensure the text is aligned with the result of the ongoing ratification processes in the United States and Mexico.

The Conservatives are expected to support passing Bill C-100, but Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said, "There is quite literally nothing about this deal that is better than the one before it." Mr. Scheer said that if his Conservative party forms government after the fall election he will work on mitigating the damage he believes this deal will cause. The New Democrats (NDP) voted against a motion that allowed the bill to be tabled and are therefore unlikely to support the bill.

United States Vice President Mike Pence, who made a state visit to Ottawa this week, said he believes that the USMCA will pass in Congress. He met with PM Trudeau and Canada's advisory council on NAFTA, which includes former Conservative minister James Moore, AFN Grand Chief Perry Bellegarde, and Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff.

The two leaders spoke positively about the prospect of it being ratified in both Canada and the US by the summer, however President Donald Trump’s announcement to impose a new tariff on Mexican imports as pressure to crack down on Central American migrants might slow USMCA progress in Mexico.