Bond and Belonging: An Interview with Generation Identity's Ben Jones

The Visionable: When did you join Generation Identity and what initially attracted you to the movement?

Ben Jones: I joined Generation Identity in January 2018. Before then I’d never been actively involved in politics; although I’d always had political sentiments. I’m somewhat unusual in that I didn’t join because of Martin Sellner or because of a particular action. I signed up specifically because Identitarianism and the European New Right resonated with me. They were coherent, bold and radical ... without resorting to the usual tropes of the ‘Right’ in the English-speaking world. These have been, and are, ineffective.

TV: In context of nationalism, what is your impression of Millennials in the United Kingdom in terms of worldview and vision for their future?

Ben: Millennials are effectively the first generation in history to lack an ‘example.’ That’s especially the case for young people of European descent. We’ve been robbed of the cultural and communal forces that other peoples have whether it be civilisational, spiritual or folkish. We grow up as social atoms without any real foundations, without ‘ways’ so to speak. A sense of national belonging and a cultural inheritance provide focus and grounding. How are we to conduct our lives as young Europeans? The answers lie with our forebears.

TV: Can you speak broadly to the types of people GI resonates with? Are GI supporters predominantly students, young professionals, or cross-generational, and are they of similar or differing political and socio-economic background?

Ben: Generation Identity appeals to a whole host of personalities and characters. Naturally, we’re a youth movement. So, we appeal to students, young professionals and older persons who are tired of the established political currents. I can’t speak of the make-up in Continental branches, but in the UK we still have a stubborn class-system. Our members and activists come from all aspects of the social strata. It’s something I’m exceptionally proud of.

TV: What are the most pressing issues facing the UK that GI addresses?

Ben: It’s been expressed to me by senior figures within Generation Identity that the United Kingdom is the most authoritarian state in Western Europe. I agree with this analysis. The country is rife with hysterical social and political figures who want to censor and silence their opponents. For many decades, our ‘right’ has been misrepresented by charlatans and incompetents. Generation Identity is the first organisation of its kind to emphasise real moral courage in response to this. In addition, the Great Replacement is sweeping across the country as we find ourselves becoming a minority in our largest towns and cities.

TV: What gives you reason to believe GI will be successful in reversing the Great Replacement of Europeans in their native homelands?

Ben: It all comes down to our ability to take young, passionate people and make them shine like diamonds. We give them the ideas, the theories and moral courage to mount a challenge to the status-quo. Already we’re developing ties with populist and patriotic parties across Europe. We’re campaigning to ensure they uphold their promises and avoid being put on the defensive.

TV: How has GI been mischaracterized, and by whom, and how do you address the false accusations?

Ben: Anyone who addresses the Great Replacement, opposes globalisation and mass-immigration, will inevitably be accused of being ‘far-right.’ The establishment, and its supports, use a lexicon in order to stifle debate and harass their opponents. Being called a ‘fascist’ for instance, is almost like being called a heretic in the 13th century. George Orwell recognised that terms such as this were being misused as early as the 40s. What the establishment is essentially trying to do is shut us off from the broader political discourse via fear of association. They know that when we’re given the opportunity to speak freely, our ideas resonate with millions.

TV: What would you like to share with anyone considering supporting or joining GI, and who may be hesitant?

Ben: If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re concerned about the future of your country, your people and your civilisation. Unfortunately, watching YouTube videos and sitting behind an anonymous Twitter account aren’t going to change anything; the day after tomorrow never comes. Generation Identity is offering you a means of making a difference in a peaceful, intelligent and, yes, enjoyable way. You don’t have any excuses left. The time for action, for change, is now.