Australia’s conservatives re-elected despite polls claiming the opposite result

Australia’s conservative coalition government is thriving following the national election. Prime Minister Scott Morrison representing the Liberal-National parties coalition announced the electoral victory as a victory for all the Australians who voted for a safe future. PM Morrison will continue to lead the government for another three years.

In foreign policy, the Liberal Party favors of maintaining and strengthening the country’s traditional alliances the United States and Britain, which sometimes damages relations with its Asian neighbors.

16.5 million Australians are heavily incentivised to vote in elections, whereas failing to can result in fines, or in some states, losing one’s driver’s license. The Liberal-National victory was highly unexpected, given that polls had shown the left-wing Labor party in the lead for at least the last two years.

Polls became used as a tactical political tool when former Liberal PM Malcolm Turnbull challenged then-Liberal PM Tony Abbott in 2015 on the basis that Abbott had lost 30 consecutive Newspolls. It turned out to be a gross lapse in judgment, as Mr. Turnbull was then judged by the same criteria and himself lost.

The main newspapers have become increasingly partisan resulting in the reporting of polls shifting from straightforward accounts of the data to stories dominated by analysis, comment, or wishful thinking on the part of the writer or the editor.