UK's Jo Johnson resigns over Theresa May's Brexit deal

Photo Credit: Sky News

Photo Credit: Sky News

Jo Johnson, former Transport Minister, Leave supporter, and brother of Boris Johnson, resigned from Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet Friday night and hinted more senior Conservatives and high-profile Ministers may follow.


Mr. Johnson said being left with the choice between Prime Minister May's Brexit deal plans or a no-deal scenario was a "failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis", describing the situation as "chaos" and criticizing Prime Minister May's deal, stating: "We were promised a Brexit that would enable us to strike trade deals around the world - we are far from that. We were promised a Brexit that was going to unleash our economy as sort of a low tax Synaporian tiger on the edge of Europe, on the contrary we are signing up to all the rules and regulations that bind the rest of the EU and we're going to end up without taking back control."


Prime Minister May now faces a knife-edge Commons vote on the Brexit deal with the loss of both Johnson brothers, and both Leave and Remain supporters turning against her. A defeat in the vote next month increases the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit or potentially a general election.


Brexit polls showed concern regarding national self-determination, not immigration, as the single most important consideration that encouraged people to vote Leave. Brexiteers are deeply anxious that the UK will get trapped in a customs union, unable to set its own tariff rates and strike trade deals around the world as an independent country. They argue that no serious country would give up the right to determine its own trade policy, handing the keys to its own future to a foreign trading power, the European Union.

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