UK’s Labour opposition tables a no confidence motion in PM Theresa May

Britain’s leader of the opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, tabled a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May Monday, claiming she had forced the United Kingdom (U.K.) to face two unacceptable choices: leaving the EU with her flawed deal or with no deal it all. He accused the Prime Minister of "cynically running down the clock" towards the Brexit deadline. The no confidence vote is expected to be held Tuesday evening, if PM May fails to name the date of the government’s vote on her Brexit deal.


PM May said Monday she would bring her Brexit deal back to Parliament for a vote in mid-January, pledging to get assurances from the European Union (E.U.) that the Irish backstop clause would be temporary. The Prime Minister is also expected to unveil the Government's latest steps to prepare for a 'no deal' scenario.


Mr. Corbyn said, Corbyn said May was the architect of a constitutional crisis, “leading the most shambolic and chaotic government in modern British history.” Labour lawmaker Liz Kendall said, “What is irresponsible is delaying a vote on her agreement, not because she is going to get any changes to it but because she wants to run down the clock and try and intimidate MPs into supporting it to avoid no deal.”

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