Canada's Energy Citizens

Energy Citizens is an initiative of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

Since 2014, over 521,000 Canadians to date have committed their support of the country’s oil and natural gas resources and fighting for Canada’s energy future.

Their four current campaigns challenge the federal government’s lack of support and poor public policy in energy and the environment and the consistent attacks on Canadian sovereignty by foreign funded activists who are against development of the country’s energy industry, to the benefit of the United States and other oil and natural gas producing nations.

  • Coastal GasLink pipeline

  • Bill C-69

  • Supporting Canadian over foreign oil

  • Trans Mountain pipeline

CAMPAIGN: Stand up for LNG and the Coastal GasLink pipeline!

The Coastal GasLink pipeline project is a critical part in kick-starting Canada’s LNG industry after a historic $40 billion investment was announced by LNG Canada in 2018.

It’s a $6.2 billion investment in new construction that will create up to 2,500 high quality, well-paying jobs.

It has led the way in consulting and engaging with Indigenous communities along the route with over 15,000 interaction. Coastal GasLink has awarded $620 million in contract work to Indigenous businesses with another anticipated $400 million in additional contract and employment opportunities for Indigenous and local B.C. communities.

The project has agreements in place with all of the elected Indigenous bands along the pipeline route.

It’s a big win for B.C. and a big win for Canada.

But that hasn’t stopped opponents from trying to once again delay a major pipeline project. Blockades on public roads and protests at MLA offices threaten to grind this project down right before the pipeline is set to begin construction.

The workers and Indigenous communities relying on the benefits that come with this pipeline deserve certainty.

It’s why we’ve started a letter writing campaign directed to B.C’s provincial government asking them to stand firm behind this project. We need committed leadership from our public leaders to provide certainty in the weeks ahead.

Support LNG and Canada’s energy sector today!

CAMPAIGN: Tell Ottawa to back down on Bill C-69!

“It is difficult to imagine that a new major pipeline could be built in Canada under the Impact Assessment Act, much less attract energy investment to Canada.”

Those are the words of Chris Bloomer, the head of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association on Bill C-69, federal government legislation that has already passed the House of Commons and sits before the Senate.

This bill will reform how major energy projects are approved in this country. The legislation will make the regulatory process more complicated, time consuming, legally vulnerable and ultimately erode public and investor confidence.

Several proposed pipeline projects have gone under lengthy, thorough and exhaustive reviews over the past several years and each time have been stymied or delayed because of either government intervention (Northern Gateway), excessive regulation (Energy East), or a lack of due diligence done by the federal government (Trans Mountain).

That’s billions of dollars in economic activity stopped or delayed that could have benefited Canadians from coast to coast to coast. It’s thousands of jobs lost. And it’s billions of dollars in new government revenue that could have gone to new hospitals, roads and schools.

The federal government can now create an improved legislative framework – more concise, timely, simpler and certain – for future energy developments by:

  • Providing a clear path to project approvals and construction;

  • Leveraging the expertise of federal and provincial regulators;

  • Establishing a framework for Bill C-69’s early planning phase;

  • Removing the debate on public policy questions from project reviews; and,

  • Creating a project list that clearly defines appropriate thresholds or criteria for any additions or deletions.

There’s too much at risk for Canada with how this legislation is currently written.

Send a letter to members of the Senate asking that they put the brakes on C-69 today!

CAMPAIGN: Let’s end the foreign oil advantage!

As Canada’s Energy Citizens, we believe all levels of government need to help end the foreign oil advantage and encourage private-sector growth and development of Canada’s oil and natural gas sector!

Lately, foreign oil has been gaining an advantage over Canada’s energy sector.

The fact is, when governments raise costs on our oil and natural gas producers, we lose jobs to other countries.

Capital investment in Canada’s energy sector has dropped about 44 per cent since 2014. Meanwhile, capital spending in the United States has surged by 38 per cent thanks to a streamlined regulatory system.

According to a recent report by Scotiabank, a lack of pipelines and discounts for Canadian oil could cost the economy $15.6 billion in 2018 as we sell our product at a major discount to our American customers – now our biggest competitors.

In 2017, Canada spent about $17 billion to import foreign oil into Quebec and Atlantic Canada from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Norway and Nigeria.

There is no crude oil ban on foreign tankers on our Atlantic coast, but we ban crude oil tankers on any potential Canadian oil on British Columbia’s northern coast.

I support Canadian oil over foreign oil.

CAMPAIGN: Sign the pipeline pledge!

I believe that Canadians deserve full value for our energy resources, and that Canada is uniquely positioned to provide safe and reliable energy here at home, and to the world. I am a proud supporter of Canadian energy projects in development and believe we need to build the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. We have the resources, we have the right projects, it’s time to move forward and ensure a better future for Canada.

Despite sitting on the world’s third largest oil reserves, Canada remains at a competitive disadvantage.

According to a recent report by Scotiabank, a lack of new pipelines to transport Canada’s growing supplies cost Canada $15.6 billion. Without the infrastructure in place to access new markets, Canada is forced to sell our resources at a significant discount.

Recent findings from the International Energy Agency show global demand for energy, including oil and gas, will continue to increase over the coming decades.

We can choose to let Canada's responsible energy meet that growing demand, or let foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Angola beat Canada to it.

With new pipelines, we can:

  • Strengthen Canada’s ability to be a supplier of choice for energy around the world;

  • Bring jobs and economic benefits to our communities; and

  • Provide funding for health care, education and infrastructure.

Your voice can help make a difference. By pledging your support today, and making your voice heard, you can ensure we build the economic infrastructure needed to keep Canada prosperous.

Now is our chance to show our support for Canadian energy, for Canadian jobs and for Canadian workers. Market access is vital to the wellbeing of our country. Will you sign the pledge?