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We aim to establish a global collaborative advisory initiative led by Millennials who are connecting and contributing their expertise, insight, and thought leadership to a community of peers, sharing knowledge to determine outcomes, and shape action plans locally and abroad.

The western mindset erroneously equates a political system of multi-party democracy with high-quality institutions... the two are not synonymous.
— Dambisa Moyo

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millennials in politics

Millennials, it’s time to take back our democracies.

The future is ours to envision and create through informed, inspired, and influential action. Millennials in Politics (MIP) is a dedicated community within the Visionable network who understand that fundamental societal change often occurs through legislation and governance.

MIP members receive information and tools to become political candidates, campaign team members, to create new political parties and organizations, and become community influencers and changemakers.

Far more unites than divides us.


A Democratic Vision for the Future

We’re spending money that we don’t have to solve a problem that doesn’t exist at the behest of people we didn’t elect.
— Douglas Carswell


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi


Intelligence will become more and more collective; innovation and order will become more and more bottom-up.
— Matt Ridley

Talent & Workforce Initiative

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Millennials view business positively and believe it’s behaving in an increasingly responsible manner but still see potential to alleviate society’s biggest challenges.

Employers want to attract and retain Millennial talent, who want to be a force for good inside these proactive businesses.

Together, the Talent and Workforce Initiative (TWI) helps both Millennials and employers pave a collaborative and productive path ahead.

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.
— Simon Sinek